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Will to Live

Feeling down, and really out,
mind now clouded up by doubt.
I know that this is not like me,
for my soul always soars quite free.

Depression is an ugly bird,
that has no wings and is absurd.
for nothing's changed, except for me,
just feelings that should never be.

My heart is sad, I know not why,
comfort now would be... to die,
where is that spark that filled my soul,
I'm sinking now in life's dark hole.

I know the path, I've been before,
and only me can force the cure,
no medicine will rescue me,
but God it's hard to struggle free.

I think it comes when I've been high,
when scorching wings against the sky.
what right have I to love my life,
when most of it is torn with strife.

But this I promise to myself,
I'll cure this malady of health,
for all life's wonders are still there,
It's only 'me' who doesn't care.

I'm overworked and overstressed,
is this the reason I'm depressed?
Alas, I know that's not the case,
I take both these within my pace.

It's being happy when I know
that others cannot share my glow,
I think I share in worldwide grief,
to give my soul it's core belief.

But I must quickly let it go
before it traps me down below,
return to life and start to run,
shake off this care and have some fun.

There's time and place for everything
and sometimes we must bear life's sting,
it's up to me my way to choose,
but left to feelings, I'd just lose.

I have to find the will to live
with only logic left to give,
ignore the aching in my soul,
and claw my way out from this hole.

Ivor G Davies

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