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Cornish Holidays

The Cornish coast we went to find,
a holiday, to clear our mind,.
amidst the coves and rocky bays,
we spent the summers longest days.

But lurking somewhere, way on high,
were clouds that darkened Cornish sky.
Soon torrents fell from heaven above
and drenched the coves and bays we love.

With drumming sounds, like little feet,
it fell for days on our retreat
and rivers ran, where once we played,
while we all huddled there, dismayed.

Then through a hole, in sky like night
we thought we saw a glimmering light.
The sun, I'm sure, was still around
and trying to force back all our frowns.

Then at last the teeming ceased,
the earth dried up, though slightly creased.
Our souls quite dampened by the storm
we took outdoors once more to warm.

A burning sun and gentle breeze
helped us recover from our siege
and soon our shouts of joy and glee
proclaimed our spirits all soared free.

Remember when in Cornish ways
the sound of splashing comes two ways,
itís joyful when itís lapping seas
accompanied by the sun and breeze.

But when it falls from heaven above,
it floods your heart and saps your love
of Cornwall, as the place to stay,
when stuck there for your holiday.

Ivor G Davies

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