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Sounds in My Soul

As a young man I was not very smart
for brain cells were never my game,
but I did what I could, for without any doubt,
through hard work I had ample to gain.

The cleverer folk seemed to learn things with ease
while I had to struggle indeed.
My memory seemed so pathetic at times
that I had to replant every seed.

But working things out just came natural to me
and this is what carried me through,
instead of just knowing the things I'd been told,
I'd learn what the reason was too!

My total approach was directed by this
for to seek was the way I would gain,
if it didn't sink in, what they meant me to know,
then I find it myself with some pain.

So the things I now know are unique to me,
bought with searching, acceptance and time.
I know that my views are the bricks of my mind
and foundations built up in my prime.

But the things that I feel are the sounds in my soul,
they're the voices that all play their part.
No knowledge or learning can wash them away
for these things are entrenched in my heart.

Ivor G Davies

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