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Circle of Chairs

I found myself sitting in a circle of chairs
with people about me now saying their prayers
for family and friends who’d completed life’s stay,
to continue their journey the spiritual way.

The people around me weren’t gloomy or grim
as they talked of their loved ones, they all seemed to grin.
They joked of the times they had shared here on earth
and spoke of the things they’d achieved since their birth.

I settled my mind and relaxed, don’t you see,
I was here to help others and not just for me.
While drifting, not thinking, and floating around,
I felt that my being was raised from the ground.

Then slowly and calmly the thoughts flooded in
and words started filling my head, just for him.
I knew that these memories were his, not for me,
of a beautiful woman in that misty sea.

I asked him if he could remember the time
when we met at a bus stop, both waiting in line.
Then, as fate would have it, we caught the same bus
and from that day onward, we both became ‘us’.

His face started beaming, the love shone out clear,
I think that he then knew ‘that death had no fear’.
He choked as he answered and tears flowed quite free
and said, “Yes I do love”, not speaking to me.

This story is one from so many I hold,
I could tell you lots more about other good souls.
Just remember when heartache will not set you free,
that friends are reborn, it’s just that we don’t see.

The spirit within us must travel its way,
it comes to the ‘earth plain’ to grow, love and play,
and when time is destined must then make its way
to the place where we’ll all meet, one wonderful day

Ivor G Davies

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