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Here lies the bones
of a lad they called Ivor,
through a lifetime of pains
he remained a survivor.
Until the sad day
when he said it was fun
to play Russian Roulette
with a part loaded gun.

He thought he controlled
all the chances in life
and by using just blanks
was just teasing his wife.
He said that with luck
she'd have nothing to fear
but a blank blows your brains
when it's shot in your ear!

Now Ivor's remains
are laid six feet below,
except for his brains
which the wind will now sow
Although poor old Ivor
just loved having fun
a brainless eternity
hes now himself won.

But just to ensure
that he died not in vain,
please remember survivor
was built on his name.
So if Ivor survivor
has died just for fun,
for God's sake be careful
where you point a gun!

Ivor G Davies

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