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Self Doubt

Itís such a hopeless, gloomy world
for those who walk about
without the confidence of mind
that takes away self-doubt.

But how can you fulfil your aims
if you remain inside,
protected by your prison walls
as in your mind you hide.

Waiting there for you to find
although you fear to go,
is all the knowledge that you need
to help your spirit grow.

So take the plunge and break your cage,
all is not what it seems.
You need to face your inner fears
to realise you dreams.

Youíll find that once youíve venture out
your fears will soon recede
and then youíll reap the things in life
that you need to succeed.

In strength of mind youíll graduate,
your confidence will swell
and very soon youíll wonder why
you tied yourself in hell.

The worldís a place to grow and love,
enjoyed by all mankind,
so live it with a soul thatís free
not shackled by your mind.

Ivor G Davies

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