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End of an Era

Back in 1974 when I was but a lad
I got myself a cracking job, the best I'd ever had.
I wore a uniform of blue, and drove a van all day
to rescue folks who's cars had stopped whilst driving on their way.

I wore with pride the uniform, that bore the Sovereigns crown
and worked quite hard, and long, long hours, in country and in town.
I did my best and seldom failed to help folks on their way
and with their tips I then survived, on my pathetic pay.

My colleagues, and myself as well, were proud as proud can be
to know that we had high respect from those that we did see.
The public held our image high and praised our very name,
the RAC were always best, they put the rest to shame.

When I look back and wonder where the quarter-century went
a sense of pride stirs in my heart for the years of care I spent.
I must admit it gave me joy to know that it was me
that helped to move along the way, a few who'd stopped you see.

I think that all who shared our life within the RAC
believed that folk were meant to live in perfect harmony.
It mattered not what role you played, inside or on the road,
you always found a friend around to help to take the load.

I don't believe that folk have changed we've all just lost our way,
the bitterness and lack of care is illness of today!
"To make a buck." "we must survive!" "It's better for the strong"
is all I've heard for several years...I know that this is wrong.

I promise me, that I will not, this attitude proclaim,
I'd rather die in poverty than ever 'come the same.
So look back at our history and hold your head up high,
then fight like me to bring it back,  at least give it a try.

The stress and pain of everyone is caused by us you see,
we join the race….. Yes, you and me, we are the Company!
Our history affirms we care, the world could still turn right
if only we would show the way like candles in the night.

Alas I fear that selfish need will bar the way for most
and several years along the way the 'best' will no doubt boast,
that they had made us all succeed and profits are still high,
but count the cost in human terms …..did we really try?

I know that I have made mistakes and regret every one,
but I have learned to live my life, with care and love and fun.
In many years of working for our Royal Club you see,
I've kept the values that I found……. within the RAC.

Ivor G Davies

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