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A Sunny Day in a Storm

The rain was thrashing at the trees,
the wind was howling round.
Muddy torrents swept along
and flooded all the ground.

“Mum, Mum, can I go out to play?”
I heard my daughter say.
“You what?” I cried, “I don’t think so,”
“wait for a sunny day.”

“I can see the sun,” she said,
“It’s just behind the clouds.”
“Oh please Mum, let me, let me now,”
“why am I not allowed?”

“I give up.” I then replied
and shoved her through the door.
Alas, she tripped and fell into....
a puddle on the floor!

She just looked up and laughed and laughed,
her face was filled with glee.
I wondered how I would have felt,
if she’d done that to me.

Then looking up I saw a ray,
the sun peeped through the clouds
and looked at me as if to say,
”Well Mum……    am I allowed?”

Ivor G Davies

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