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Toasted Tourists

With friends and our caravan soon we would be
on a holiday we had both planned.
In France where we’d join with the sun and the sea
as we both towed our vans to that land.

The heat was a change from our normal abode,
a wonderful way to reside,
but when it was high at the noon of the day,
t’would be better to stay cool inside.

A country so hot was a nice place to be
where from routine and work we were free,
where the sunshine and sand of this holiday land
let us play all day long in the sea.

But next time we go, we will fly on a plane
and find cooler rooms to stay in,
the sun heated our caravan by far too hot,
so we roasted like nuts in a tin!

Good luck to our friends, they can drive on their own
to the land where they're toasted right through,
for we'll only go where there's places to stay
with air-con and plenty to do.

We got bored in this land where there's nothing but sand,
though the natives were friendly, that's true,
but just sitting all day on beaches that way
is not what we’d normally do.

We had travelled so far in our caravan and car
with our friends that are really quite sweet,
but in two thousand and four we learned a bit more
about things that we'll never repeat!

Ivor G Davies

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