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Iím an educated idiot
whoís learned to hold a pen,
I find a bit of paper
and I write things now and then.

My punctuations lacking
and my spellin is absurd,
my handwriting, so dreadful,
I can hardly read a word.

But Iíve found a way to hide this
and donít have to bear the shame,
I just type it on my keyboard,
the computer gets the blame!

Now I write lots of poetry,
I do this every day
and when people say, ďhow awfulĒ,
I claim typoís right away...

So if you try to read my rambling
and itís Ďdoing in your headí,
if you donít know what your reading,
have no clue what I said

Then be thankful that I typed it
or Iím sure that you would find
you couldnít even read a word,
now that would blow your mind!

Ivor G Davies

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