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Purpose of Life

Does our life have purpose,
if it does what can it be?
I cannot find instructions
on the way thatís meant for me.

I spent my early childhood
just in trying to fit in,
in learning what is right and wrong,
whatís good and what is sin.

When living through my teenage years
my mind began the quest,
to find out who was really me,
I was not like the rest.

My life was full of turmoil
in my search to find my role,
I struggled each and every day
to satisfy my soul.

A few more years, it seemed an age,
I lost my urge to scream,
I was living for the future
when I could fulfil my dream.

But now some dreams are memories
for the years have travelled by,
Iíve enjoyed lifeís precious moments,
although some have made me cry.

Iíve loved and lost and tumbled,
but Iíve rose and lived again.
Iíve had heartache, pain and suffering,
but Iíve learned to play the game.

But the one unanswered question
that is still within my mind,
is the thing Iíve never understood,
the thing I failed to find.

I know a bloke who thinks he knows
and lives his life by rules,
but what if he has got it wrong,
persuaded just by fools?

The reason for our earthly life
is still evading me.
Maybe Iíll know the answer
when death sets my body free.

But Iíll have to make my mind up
before it gets too late,
before I meet my maker,
if that is to be my fate.

I know nowÖ.. Iíve decided,
what my life was meant to be.
God gave me independence,
so the choice is up to me!

Ivor G Davies

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