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Eve of Life

In the eve of life one finds a place,
to shelter in the human race.
A race one ran, and maybe won,
or lost, and cried and had some fun.

But still, a place where all must pause
and contemplate, what was the cause,
for reaching here the way we are,
counting blessings and each scar.

But as we pause, life still goes on,
more races still wait to be won.
Although, experience will help,
by now just moving makes us yelp.

But move we must, new challenge take
or what we've won we will forsake.
For only grimly hanging in,
will help us live again to win.

And win we must, for our souls sake
for what we've won in death we'll take
and also leave for those to share
who helped us with their loving care.

For what we are, and what we do,
will forever still shine through
in those we touched along the way...
our heritage is here to stay.

Ivor G Davies

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