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Pace of Life

The pace of life is very fast,
it saps both heart and soul.
At times we have to call a halt
and stop our furious role.

The mind and body of mankind
was meant to take some rest.
Why is it then that most of us
just work until we’re stressed?

Philosophy of life has changed
from meeting just our need,
to scurrying around like mad
at really breakneck speed.

The reason for this haste today
is very plain to tell,
the greedy want to grow rich quick
and leave a trail of hell.

Some use poor people as their tools
to help them reach their goal
and make them play their selfish game
or end up on the dole.

But is it just these wealthy folk
who do this every day,
or is it every one of us
who lead the world this way?

Ivor G Davies

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