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Flame of Life

When life is pressing down on you
and nothing’s going right.
When you feel you’ve had enough
and lack the will to fight.

When everything you seem to do
has no affect at all.
When you’re really at rock bottom
and there’s nowhere left to fall.

What can you do, where can you go,
how do you start again?
How can you lift your spirit up
when broken by life’s pain?

Struggle for your inner self,
then clutch at it, and pray,
to turn the tide that washed you down,
and make it flow ‘your’ way.

Remember when your drowning in
the dregs of your life’s cup,
that things cannot get any worse,
the ‘only’ way is up.

Although you feel life’s let you down
and racked your soul with pain,
there’s nothing more that can go wrong,
but everything to gain.

Rekindle now that tiny spark,
the one that’s deep within.
It’s still alight and burning there
although it’s growing dim.

For once you fan the ‘flame of life’,
this flame, like any fire,
is never satisfied to glow
but wants to burn much higher.

An ember dampened by the rain
may blaze again one day.
It just needs you to seek it out
before it’s washed away.

Burning, although slow at first,
this ember will ignite.
Then rising from your darkest hour
once more you'll join the light.

Ivor G Davies

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