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Sing a Song of Life

Sing a Song of Misery,
Iíve carried through my life.
Not relieved by living with,
my children or my wife.

My children cost me money,
my wife just nags at me.
Hear my song of misery,
when will life set me free?

Sing a Song of Happiness,
oh such a lovely life.
In sharing precious moments with,
my children and my wife.

My children keep my spirit young,
my wife's love feeds my soul.
Listen to the melodies,
that fill life's precious bowl.

Sing a Silly Song of Life,
it's you who plays the tune.
It's you who writes the lyrics,
and decides the way you croon.

For life's the same for everyone,
it's just the path you choose.
It's you who makes it Rock and Roll,
or fills it full of Blues.

The wife, the kids and everyone,
you meet along the way.
Will have to share to some degree,
in how you choose to play.

Are you the music to their ears,
or chains around their heart.
It's you who makes the world go round,
how do you play your part?

Ivor G Davies

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