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Slice of Life

Take a piece of childhood,
beaten by a dad,
although you only beat them,
when you know that they’ve been bad.

Take a slice of living,
not protected by a mum,
it’s only fair to leave a mark,
to punish what they’ve done.

Take a term of school time,
where masters had a cane
and if they dared to answer back
their hands would feel the pain.

Take an ounce of common sense
they’ve all learned over time,
to not get caught, and keep it shut,
but walk our narrow line.

Take a change of attitude,
they now won’t play our game.
The way that we have treated them,
Puts all adults to shame.

Take the crazy mixed up kids,
be proud of what you’ve made.
They start their life by walking on
foundations that you’ve laid.

Take a look at how to care,
let children have their say
and if you feel they need some help,
just guide them on their way.

Take a leaf from God’s own book
no matter where you pray,
you’ll find that all of them agree
that ‘Love’s the only way.

Ivor G Davies

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