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Game of Life

My body tired, but mind at rest,
I know that I have done my best.
My family fed and watered too,
I feel that God has helped me through.

My journey has not been in vain,
though sometimes burdened by great pain.
My love of life has seen me through
and helped show me what I must do.

My love of people everywhere
means joy of living I can share.
To hell with those who put folk down
and meet them with a scornful frown.

There's none that's better than the rest,
no social status is life's test.
Just sharing love and having fun
makes life worthwhile for everyone.

So take the hand dealt you at birth
and play it full of fun and mirth.
Enjoy the game, but don't forget,
that all the cards are not dealt yet.

For when you draw your final breath
and cross the veil that's known as death,
it matters not if you've won fame,
but only how you played the game.

Ivor G Davies

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