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Tree of Life

When climbing up the tree of life,
strong branches we must find.
When some of them don’t bear our weight
we’re sometimes left behind.

The branch we grasp to meet our needs
may bend back to the ground.
Alas we find, what looked so strong
may bring us tumbling down.

We have to live by our mistakes
and learn by every one.
Our failures mean we have to try
to change the way we’ve gone.

For every time that we succeed
there’s more times that we loose.
But losing makes us wiser souls
and helps the way we choose.

Our life’s a maze, with many paths
that none may walk the same.
No wonder that we take wrong turns
when walking down life’s lane.

So carry proudly all your scars
you won when you went wrong.
They helped you find your own true way,
it’s them that make you strong.

Now take these lessons, taught by life,
and help all others see,
that they must make their own mistakes
when climbing up life’s tree.

Ivor G Davies

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