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Path of Life

If life progresses down a path
where you don’t want to go,
it’s no surprise, that you may feel
you’re getting nowhere slow.

In what direction did you choose
to take your ‘path of life’,
or did you choose, were you just led
by those who gave advice.

If you meandered freely
to end up here today,
just what horizons would you seek
if you could choose your way.

There’s nothing wrong with roaming wild
but choice must play some part,
the way you go, is up to you,
though governed by your heart.

And better still to set some goals
to give your life an aim,
try not to reach up for the sky,
just things you can attain.

To make sure I was walking straight
when I had lost my way,
I made a list of things to do
to help me every day….

To move a little further, from the things that tied my feet.
To be a little nicer, to the folks I chanced to meet.
To help some anxious people, to set their worries free
To bring a little happiness, to others and to me.

To heal some wounded spirits, and to help them bear their pain.
To motivate the weary, to find the strength to live again.
To seek a purpose in my life, for everything I do.
And finally for wisdom, and the will to see it through.

These may not be your choices
as our paths are not the same,
but they lifted me from darkness
and let me love life again.

So write down what your missing,
let these words become your seeds,
for with love, and care, and effort,
they’ll sprout up to meet your needs.

Ivor G Davies

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